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India King
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India King offers you the rarest combination of North Indian and South Indian food with a Choice of Bombay Street food.

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INDIA KING, Family Restaurant and Bar is a trend setter in contemporary Indian Cuisine.It is conveniently located at 369, St .George Street. It offers incomparable extravagant selection from North Indian, South Indian and Bombay Street food options.

The most succulent meat is worked to splendid dishes at the hands of Chef Sandeep (Sandy) , thus offering wide range of Authentic , Traditional SIGNATURE KING’S SPECIAL dishes.

His 23 years of long experience in the food industry will provide you with great dining experience of everlasting memories.

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call:- +1-506-382-6985

Special Dishes For You


King's Spl. Cream Chicken

Cream Chicken

Idli With Sambar


Butter Chicken

butter Chicken

Jalebi with Rabri

Jalebi with Rabri

Butter Chicken Dosa

Sweets For You

We grew up in India.The aroma of authentic Indian spices remind us of typical Indian traditional cooking. It reminds us of home, the warmth of preparing , delicious cooking and affectionate serving. At India King , we are serving food with the same good intentions. We are glad , we are in Moncton


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Vegetarian Food

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Special meals available between 11:00am to 3:00pm